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Lectures on the Lotus Sutra by Rev. Shokai Kanai



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*List of Glossary Terms for each Chapter


  • Who is Sakyamuni Buddha?

  • Early Sutras

  • Two Buddhisms (Theravada and Mahayana)

  • The Five Periods of the Buddha's Teachings (1)



  • The Five Periods of the Buddha's Teachings (2)

  • The Threefold Lotus Sutra

  • The Sutra of Innumerable Meaning

  • Composition of the Lotus Sutra


  • Meaning of the Lotus Sutra

  • Faith Helps Understanding

  • The Four Truths

  • The Twelve Causes

  • The Six Paramitas



  • Profound and Immeasurable Buddha Wisdom

  • Save Us from Various Attachments

  • Buddha Skillfully Leads All Living Beings to Be Delighted

  • The Reality of All Things

  • Ten Such-nesses

  • Why We Chant the Ten Such-nesses Three Times

  • Three Refusals and Three Requests

  • Five Thousand People Retired

  • The Coming of the Buddhas

  • Not Three but One Buddha Vehicle

  • The Abode and the Position of the Dharma

  • Additional Explanations

  • Regarding the Ten Suchness

  • A Piece of Paper

  • Three Different Levels of Vehicles



  • Sariputra's Doubts Cleared

  • Lives in the Past, Present and Future

  • Buddha's Original Vows

  • The Four Great Vows

  • Offerings Inconceivable Number of Kalpas

  • Planted the Roots of Virtue Long Ago

  • The Triple World

  • Three Virtues of the Buddha

  • Eight Sufferings

  • The Four Noble Truths



  • Obtaining Innumerable Treasures Altough We Did Not Seek Them

  • The Parable of "The Rich Man and His Poor Son"

  • Afterthought of the Parable




  • The Parable of Medicinal Herbs

  • Crossing the River to the Other Shore

  • Compassionate Rain

  • What are the Conditions to Attain Buddhahood

  • Body, Mind and Mouth

  • The Four Assurances

Chapter VI
Assurance of Future Buddhahood

Chapter VI Glossary

  • Causality from the Previous Lives

  • The Three Thousand Dust Particle Eons

  • Enlightenment in the Infinite Past

  • The Rays of the Buddha Illuminate All Darkness

  • The Four Noble Truths

  • Eightfold Path

  • The Twelve Linked Chain of Dependent Origination

  • The Sixteen Princes' Renounce

  • People Still Nee the Teaching of the Lesser Vehicle

  • The Parable of the Magic City

Chapter VII
The Parable of a Magic City

Chapter VII Glossary

  • Summary

  • The Parable of the Gem in the Jacket

Chapter VIII
The Assurance of
Future Buddhahood of
the Five Hundred Disciples

Chapter VIII Glossary

Chapter IX
The Assurance of Future Buddhahood of the Sravakas who have Something More to Learn and Nothing More to Learn

Chapter IX Glossary (missing)

  • Summary

  • The Family Line of the Buddha

  • The Ten Great Disciples of the Buddha

Chapter X
The Teacher of the Dharma

Chapter X Glossary

  • Summary

  • The Five Practices for the Teacher of the Dharma and the Ten Offerings

  • Sutras in the Past, Present and Future

  • Stupa and Pagoda

  • The Three Rules for Teaching the Sutra

Chapter XI
Beholding the Stupa of Treaures

Chapter XI Glossary

  • Summary

  • The Reason for the Appearance of the Stupa

  • Assembly of all Manifestation Buddhas

  • Triple Purification of the World

  • Wish to Open the Doors of the Stupa

  • The Six Hard and Nine Easy Tasks

  • Summary

  • The Six Paramitas

  • The Pleasures of the Five Desires

  • Zen-chishiki (teacher; friend)

  • Having Faithful Respect with Pure Mind

  • Bodhisattva's Appearance from the Great Sea

  • The Five Impossibilities of Women

  • Instant Attainment of Buddhahood by the Power of the Wonderful Dharma

Chapter XIII
Encouragement for Keeping
This Sutra

Chapter XIII Glossary

  • Summary

  • Assurance of Buddhahood to Nuns

  • Three Kinds of Arrogant Enemies

  • Summary

  • The Four Sets of Peaceful Practice to Expound the Sutra

  • Peaceful Practice of the Body

  • Approaching Proper People

  • Peaceful Practice of the Mouth

  • Peaceful Practice of the Mind

  • Peaceful Practice of the Vow

  • A Parable of a Brilliant Gem in the Top Knot

Chapter XV
The Appearance of Bodhisattva from Underground

Chapter XV Glossary

  • Shakumon and Honmon

  • Summary

  • Explanations

  • The Four Great Bodhisattvas

Chapter XVI
The Duration of the Life of
the Tathagata

Chapter XVI Glossary

  • The Four Kinds of Buddha's Teachings

  • Four Cautions and Four Begging

  • Buddha's Hidden Core and Supernatural Power

  • The Five Hundred Dust atom Kalpas

  • The Parable of the Excellent Physician

  • Odaimoku as the Good Remedy

  • Realization of the Original Buddha without any Practice

  • Verses of Eternity

  • Mt. Sacred Eagle

  • Buddha Land is Very Peaceful

Chapter XVII
The Variety of Merits

Chapter XVII Glossary

  • Summary
  • Explanations
  • Truth of Birthlessness
  • Dharanis
  • Faculty of Turning the Wheel of the Pure Dharma
  • Faculty of Attaining Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi
  • Merits limitless as the sky

Chapter XVIII
The Merits of a Person who Rejoices at Hearing this Sutra

Chapter XVIII Glossary

  • Summary

  • Explanations

  • Merits of the fiftieth good man or woman.

  • Merits of the perso who causes others to hear this Sutra.

Chapter XIX
The Merits of the Teacher of
the Dharma

Chapter XIX Glossary

  • Summary
  • Explanations
  • Merits of the good man or woman who keep, read, recite, expound or copy this Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Dharma.

Chapter XX
Never-Despising Bodhisattva

Chapter XX Glossary

  • Summary

  • Explanations

Chapter XXI
The Supernatural Power of the Tathagatas

Chapter XXI Glossary

  • Summary

  • Explanations

  • The Ten Great Supernatural Powers

  • The Four Phrases of the Primary Mystery

  • Summary

  • Explanations

Chapter XXIII
The Previous Life of
Medicine King Bodhisattva

Chapter XXIII Glossary

  • Summary

  • Explanations

  • The Ten Metaphors of Comparison

Chapter XXIV
Wonderful Voice Bodhisattva

Chapter XXIV Glossary (missing)

  • Summary

  • Explanations

Chapter XXV
The Universal Gate of
World Voice Perceiver Bodhisattva

Chapter XXV Glossary

  • Summary

  • Explanations

  • Summary

  • Explanations

  • Story of Kishimo-jin

Chapter XXVII
King Wonderful Adornment

Chapter XXVII Glossary

  • Summary

  • Explanations

Chapter XXVIII
The Encouragement of
Universal Sage Bodhisattva

Chapter XXVIII Glossary

  • Universal Sage (Fugen)
  • Summary
  • Explanations

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