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Ryokou Yomiuri  - Travel Magazine in Japan by Yomiuri Publisher


September, 2014







Los Angeles Times  - THE NATION

March, 2013


Los Angeles Times  - THE NATION - Online Version (link below):

Douglas Kanai takes on the brutal '100 days' Nichiren ritual of pain and deprivation in Japan to test his inner strength.





KNPR Nevada Public Radio  - STATE OF NEVADA

April, 2013


KNPR  - STATE OF NEVADA - Online Version (link below):

Buddhism the Hard Way


Las Vegas Review Journal  - RELIGION

March, 2015


Las Vegas Review Journal  - RELIGION - Online Version (link below):

priest undergoes second round of 100-day ascetic training





RootsToFruit_orange (002).png

Roots to Fruit  - Podcast by Momoko Nakamura

September, 2021


Roots to Fruit  - Podcast link below (Spotify or Apple):


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