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Lantern Ceremony - Toronagashi

The Nevada Sangha participated in this event sponsered by the Atomic Testing Museum. The ministers and Sangha helped people create lanterns in remembrance of those who lost there lives in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and to pray for the end of war and violence in the world.


The below pictures are of the making and creation of the lanterns for the floating ceremony to be held later that evening. Each individual wrote prayers in remembrance of loved ones and peace. They drew and decorated the lanterns with beautiful pictures and designs.

In Collaboration with:
Japan America Society of Nevada
Metro-Arts Concil of Southern Nevada
Consulate General of Japan in Las Vegas
AT Atomic Testing Museum
Sunset Park - Evening

That evening they took the Lanterns to Sunset Park where a service was held before launching the lanterns into the lake. As the sun sank in the sky, prayers where chanted from the Lotus Sutra.

A local chapter of the Boy Scouts helped with the moving, arranging and launching of the lanterns.

Finally after prayers the lanterns are lit and launched into
the still water of the lake.

Thank you for everyone's participation.

The event was very sccessful. Local Las Vegas News broadcast the event on the evening news. We will upload the footage sometime in the future. "Thank you"

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