This Month's Nichiren Shonin's Words


Prove the Lotus Sutra (by yourself)


= Prove the Lotus Sutra (by yourself) =

Due to COVID stay-at-home mandate, there are many TV programs showcasing many recipes that can be easily made at home and turn out luxuriously delicious. However, no matter how ingenious the recipe is, you cannot enjoy its deliciousness unless you actually make it yourself. The important thing is for you to try.

In any case, “see everything, learn, and try” is the essential point for all of us. 

Not to mention, is it not the case that must never be forgotten in the belief that creates faith from the charms of life?

First of all, “Let's Try!” 



In Ch. 16 of the Lotus Sutra “Duration of the Life of the Tathagata,” there is a phrase, “[You should] Take it (good medicine)!” By reaching out and putting it in your mouth, you can chew on the true taste. Even if the taste is bitter, no matter how you nibble at it, the true meaning can be understood. This resolution is the most important. 

This is the core of Nichiren Shonin's teachings, with the exclamation, “Prove the Lotus Sutra (by yourself).” 

“Do not listen to other people’s commentary. You must experience it for yourself.” This is the basis of this statement. 


First Year of Kenji (1275)

Age 54