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This Month's Nichiren Shonin's Words



   南無 と 申す 字は  敬う  心  なり

Namu  To  Mousu Ji wa Uyamau Kokoro nari

= Respect and Envy =


   People who are active in the world and society are respected by many people for their efforts and personalities. However, sometimes we simplistically think of only the secondary results of wealth as proof of success and respect, The people imitate only that. In other words, by owning something expensive, we create a desire to receive respect which is like envy. In fact, envy can also be understood as jealousy.

   A close and respected person is someone who helps you when you are in trouble, gives you accurate advice, and is always kind to you. If you have such a respectable person, it is because you want to be like them. If you go through your life as you are, with the person you respect as a model, you will become a person who is respected by others without realizing it. Abandoning envy and living a respectful life makes those around you happy.


“Uchibo Nyobo Gohenji”

   This is a letter addressed to a woman who had recently lost her father. Written in an easy-to-understand manner using historical events and parables to encourage reassurance, one can imagine how Nichiren had empathy towards women.


Third Year of Koan (1280)

Age: 59

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