This Month's Nichiren Shonin's Words

"New year’s congratulations to one and all, much obliged, much obliged"

Seichoji Daishu-chu

= The Secret of Inviting Good Luck=

   Happy New Year! When I say congratulations, I think of the Seven Lucky Gods as the gods that bring good fortune. On the other hand, what is important for inviting good luck is our intention.

   So, what kind of intention is important? Please remember the appearance of the Seven Lucky Gods. Did you notice that one common trait of the seven gods is that they have large ears? Isn't this a symbol of listening intently to others? Secondly, notice the mouths on everyone, they are cute, puckered lips. Isn't this a warning to be especially cautious with choice of words?

   The condition for inviting good luck is to enlarge your ears and shrink your mouth!

Let's keep this in mind as our intention for this year during the continued COVID-19 pandemic.



   These Words depicts the first turning of the dharma wheel in formulating to establish a new sect at Kiyosumi. Around this time, as it is today, an infectious disease proliferated with many people dying. It was at Seichoji Temple that raised the first voice of Odaimoku in an attempt to save the suffering people.

   During Nichiren’s lifetime, he grew his ears to listen to Buddha’s voice and from his mouth came forth the Truth of Buddha’s Teachings.

   Second Year of Kenji (1276)

   Age 54

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