This Month's Nichiren Shonin's Words


      仏     く   よう の     功徳        莫大     なり

Hotoke ku yo u no kudoku bakudai nari

"My merit of giving offerings to the Buddha was so great"

= Merit =

   This month we will be celebrating the spring equinox (O-Higan).


   Whom do you call “Buddha?”  “Sakyamuni,” “Amida,” or “Medicine King” …?


   But among them, do you also call your ancestors “Buddha?”


   In fact, this thinking is said to be an expression of the Japanese view of religion, which emphasizes ancestral memorial services.


   The reason why those “ancestors” can be called Buddhas is that Eternal Buddha is watching over and guiding your ancestors.


   The O-Higan service to your ancestors has reached the Eternal Buddha, while you are also accumulating great merits far beyond your imagination.

 “Hokke Shōmyō Shō”

   This is addressed to Mr. Tokimitsu Nanjo, who was deeply devoted to Nichiren Shonin throughout his life. This was written at the end of February of the same year as Nichiren’s passing in October.


   Nichiren praised Mr. Nanjo, who was on his sickbed suffering from a serious illness and encourage him through his accumulated merits that he will recover. As Nichiren stated, Mr. Nanjo was able to make a complete recovery and lived a long life to the age of 90.


Fifth year of Koan (1282)

Age: 61