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This Month's Nichiren Shonin's Words



 弟子   の   しらぬ      事    を       教     たるが  師

Deshi no Shiranu Koto wo Oshie Taruga Shi

"The teacher reveals to disciples what they do not know"

= Let's seek a teacher =


   When you are lost on the path of life, you can rely on the existence of a “teacher” who will show you the way.

   With the overflow of information from the internet, modern people tend to be confused about what is true. A person who only pursues economic gain is pressed for time. People who are tired of relationships and have lost the joy of life, motivation, and goals. We all live with pain and agony.

   Before you get too exhausted from life, ask people around you for directions. Consult or ask for help. That person doesn't necessarily have to be older, he or she may be younger than you. A "teacher" is someone who can break down your rigid preconceptions and show you ways of thinking that you didn't know and the direction you should take. A “teacher” may also be a friend who shares your outlook on life. Life is a journey of growth. Meeting a good “teacher” will surely enrich your life.


“Kaimoku Sho”

   This treatise was written during Nichiren’s exile on Sado Island. It describes how he questioned his own faith and realized that he was a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra. This shows what a true “teacher” is like.


Ninth year of Bun’ei (1272)

Age: 51


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