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This Month's Nichiren Shonin's Words



現世の   安穏    ならざる    事を  なげかざれ
Genze no Annon  Narazaru  Koto wo  Nagekazare


“Not to lament on the lack of tranquility in this world”


= Gentle Feelings =

   The station staff is waiting for the train to arrive at the platform. When the train doors opened, station staff placed a plank to help the wheelchair passenger disembark. The passengers smiled and said, “Thank you” and the station staff responded with a smile, “Please be careful.”
   This is a common scene at train stations, but you can see a small utopia there. An environment where both able-bodied people and people with disabilities can live equally. A world where strangers can say thank you, greet each other, and smile. Even in a world filled with bleak news, a world like this has been created, and I hope that this circle will spread even further. 
   Kenji Miyazawa said, “There can be no individual happiness until the world is completely happy.” For example, what if you are healthy but your family members are sick? It’s the same in society. Kindness and supporting each other is the way for everyone to be happy.


   Written during his exile in Sado, this treatise shows how he questioned himself, “Am I not a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra?” and realized that he was a true practitioner of the Lotus Sutra. He shows us the true direction in which we should live our lives. 


Ninth year of Bun’ei (1272)
Age: 51



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