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O-i-hai 位牌  

It says on the paper , “All Souls in the universe are born from the wombs, the eggs, the water, the air, and all beings in the six realms (hell, hungry spirit, animals, shura, human beings, and heavenly beings).”  Buddhist priests hold daily chanting and give prayers for all deceased to attain Enlightenment by reading this tablet. 

The Eight Volumes of
the Lotus Sutra

Rev. Shokai Kanai wrote the entire Lotus Sutra that has eight volumes, 28 chapters and 69,384 Chinese characters while he was in his third 100 Day Aragyo Ascetic Training in 1991.  Nichiren Shu temples place a book of the Lotus Sutra in front of the Gohonzon as if the Eternal Buddha is speaking to us. 

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