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Dharma Essays by Rev. Shokai Kanai

In October of 2008 Shokai Kanai Shonin published his past Dharma Talks in a volumn titled "Dharma Essays".

It was April 16, 1964 when I first stepped on American soil. Since then, over fortyfour years have passed. To commemorate this anniversary, I would like to present my sermons, speeches, and lectures during those years. “Dharma Essay,” is a compilation of my sermons and lectures delivered at the temples in Salt Lake City, Utah, Seattle, Washington, and Los Angeles, California in the past. . . .


Click below to download "Dharma Essay" in English PDF

  1. Introduction to Buddhism

  2. April 8th is Buddha Sakyamuni's Birthday

  3. How Can a New Born Baby Walk?

  4. The Seal of the Three Laws

  5. Three Bodies of Buddha Sakyamuni

  6. Amibition in the New Year

  7. Bon-no (New Year's Eve)

  8. Three Lives of Maitreya Bodhisattva

  9. Buddha's Statue Is Smiling

  10. Revenge and Forgiveness

  11. The Four Desires

  12. Inequality of Human Beings

  13. Many Buddhas

  14. Middle Way

  15. Middle Way and Higan Memorial Service

  1. We Are Buddh's Children

  2. Hatred Is Overcome by Compassion

  3. Observe One's Mind

  4. Eternity, Happiness, Freedom and Purity

  5. Creator

  6. Heaven and Hell

  7. Take the Proper Amount of Food

  8. Two Thousand Ancestors

  9. Unaccepted Gift

  10. Various Viewpoints

  11. Worshipping the Moon

  12. Mother Has Only "En" to Bare Her Child

  13. How to Shine Your Mind

  14. Understanding Others' Problems and Concerns

  15. Wedding Ceremony in America

  16. Middle Way

  17. Pracice as the Sutra Revealed

  18. Let Us Respect Others

  19. Do Something Good for Others

  20. Selfish Prayers

  21. Practice

  22. There Is A River

  1. Immortal Identity

  2. Born in This World with a Purpose

  3. The Virtue of Holding Memorial Services

  4. The Seventh Day Services

  5. Memorial Service Prayer

  6. Importance at the Time of Death

  7. Aging and Death

  8. Services after One's Death

  9. A Guide into the Region of the Dead

  10. Scripture Reading for the Dead (In-do-mon)

  11. Salvation from Cycle of Birth and Death

  12. A Funeral Message

  13. Abortion and a Memorial Service for the Unborn Babies

  1. 750th anniversary of O'Daimoku

  2. Statue of Nichiren Shonin

  3. Nichiren Shonin and His Relationship with the Saicho-ji Temple

  4. Izu Exile

  5. Pine Forest Ambush

  6. Tatsu-no-kuchi Execution

  7. Sacred Mountain, Minobu

  8. Pilgrimage to Nichiren Shonin's Memorial Sites

  9. O-E-Shiki and Mando

  1. Meaning of "Namu Myoho Renge Kyo"

  2. The Sacred Title Is the Light

  3. O'Daimoku Is a Wonderful Remedy

  4. One Breath - One O'Daimoku

  5. Erecting a Daimoku Monument

  6. Seven Practices of the Sacred Title

  7. Enjoy Chanting O'Daimoku

  8. Diety Daikoku

  1. Lecture at the Shamiko

  2. Three Lives of Maitreya Bodhisattva

  3. Reality of All Things (The Insight of the Buddha)

  4. Meaning of Difficult to Understand in Chapter Two

  5. A Piece of Paper (Ten Such-ness)

  6. Three Different Vehicles of Understanding

  7. One Great Buddha Vehicle

  8. Three Virtues of the Original Buddha

  9. A Penniless Man Becomes a Billionaire

  10. Compassionate Rain

  11. The Parable of the Magic City

  12. Bodhisattvas from Underground

  13. Never Despising Bodhisattva

All contents within these Dharma Talks, Sermons, Lectures and Dharma Essays is the copyrighted property of "Nichiren Buddhist Kannon Temple of Nevada". Please obtain permission for use or reposting of these articles. Permission is granted under certain specific instances. Please contact the Nichiren Buddhist Kannon Temple of Nevada for further information. phone/fax (702)866-5956 email:

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